State National
Grant Association

Grants that encourage and assist greater health, wellness, and fitness


State National Grant Association is a Non-Profit Organization established for the purpose of assisting individuals toward greater health, and exercise. It is also designed to aid the startup and growth of new and existing businesses servicing the health, wellness, and fitness community.

For those approved:

  1. SNGA pays from 50-75% of the costs of all approved fitness training and health-wellness programs.
  2. SNGA will approve and issue renewable 3, 6, and 12-month grants in amounts from $300-3500.
  3. SNGA may also be used toward the purchase of other approved health, wellness, and fitness programs, products and services.


The ever-increasing, nationwide products and services offered through health, wellness and fitness markets represents a multi-billion dollar industry. As a result, the U.S. public is now more than ever, better informed and educated in regards to good health and nutrition. Still, the nation’s obesity and overweight population remain among the highest in the world. State-National seeks to encourage individuals toward better lifestyle habits as it relates to their physical well-being by making health, wellness, and fitness services more accessible and affordable to those wishing to initiate positive change.


Funding for Grants are made possible through:

  1. Charitable Fitness Events
  2. Affiliate Business and Organization Contributions
  3. Corporate Team-Building Programs
  4. Other Health, Wellness, and Fitness Activities



State National Grant Association is available to all the general public.

  1. Anyone seeking financial aid to jumpstart their individual fitness: personal or group training, exercise program, or gym membership
  2. Anyone seeking financial aid to add to their current fitness program, course, or routine
  3. Anyone seeking financial aid to assist payment of nutritional products, services, and programs
  4. No restrictions regarding age, or fitness level


State National Grant Association welcomes all nutrition and fitness services and programs interested in providing the SNGA fit grant program to their clients

  1. Initiate a new base of clients
  2. Increase service demand among present clientele
  3. Offer new or additional services, products, programs


State National Grant Association provides special health, wellness, and fitness programs to the staff of corporate and small businesses

  1. Lower employee insurance premiums
  2. Build better and healthier work environment
  3. Increase employee productivity
  4. Inspire workforce appreciation
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